Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

What kinds of video packages does GeoBeats offer?

GeoBeats offers 3 different video packages for clients to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the type of business and the length of the video:

  1. Base Video – a minimum 30 second video produced using still photographs provided by the Client with a professional voiceover scripted and recorded by GeoBeats.

  2. Video with Interview – a minimum 1 minute video featuring visual footage of the business and interviews of staff and customers during a 2 hour on location shoot.

  3. Video with Voiceover – a minimum 1 minute video with a professional recorded voiceover scripted and recorded by GeoBeats. Visual footage will be obtained during a 2 hour on location shoot.

What is included in the Video Package?

All video packages include:

  1. Background music from extensive GeoBeats royalty free library.

  2. Basic graphics with the Client's name and title.

  3. Three rounds of edit requests (except the Base Video)

What kind of format is the video?

The prices quoted are for videos in widescreen Standard Definition. For an additional fee, Clients can upgrade to High Definition format. An HD upgrade is ideal for clients who expect to utilize the video over a few years.

Do I have any control over the finished product?

Of course! We believe you should be in charge of your own video; therefore Videos with Voiceover and Interviews include 3 rounds of edit requests. Your Production Coordinator will work closely with you to review your edit requests and ensure you are happy with the final video.

What If I Still Don’t LIke the Final Video?

Our contract is risk free. We pride ourselves on our professional, high quality videos, and are certain you will be happy with your video. But if you are not, rest assured. Bottom line, if you do not like the video, you do not pay for it.

Scheduling and Preparing For Your Shoot

When is the best time to film? 

This depends on the nature of the business. Some factors to consider include the time of day with respect to lighting, as brighter is better. Also consider any peak busy hours your business experiences. We want to show your business in action, but not at a time when you are so busy that it will interrupt filming. Your Production Coordinator will work closely with you to schedule a time that suits your schedule. Our videographers are available 7 days a week and most times of the day with some advance notice.

How much flexibility is there in scheduling a shoot date?

As GeoBeats’ filmmakers are available 7 days a week and at most times of the day, we are readily able to accommodate a Client’s preferences. Occasionally, such as in the case of a remote or small town location, we may be limited to some degree in availability. Our Production Coordinators will work closely with the Client in determining a date and time that best suits everyone’s schedule.

How large is the film crew?

GeoBeats will send one filmmaker.  This ensures minimal interruption to the business and allows our filmmaker flexibility in moving around the business to capture the best possible footage as well as conduct interviews efficiently. Our post-production team will then edit the video for Client’s review.

How long does the shoot last?

Approximately 2 hours. Sometimes shoots with interviews can run a little longer.

What about lighting? 

Generally lighter and brighter is better. We ask our Clients to please turn up all available lighting and we will work with whatever lighting they have.

Does the filmmaker bring additional lighting?

No. They will work with whatever lighting the business has in place.

Who are the Interviewed speakers?

The primary speaker is usually the business owner or manager. Other possible speakers include key staff members, and happy clients. Speakers should be articulate and engaging. If the business owner/manager is not comfortable interviewing on camera, staff or clients can be primary spokespersons.

If the speakers do not wish to be interviewed on camera, we can interview them off camera and overlay their sound bites on to the visual footage in editing.

Do I need to prepare a script?

If we are interviewing speakers, we actually prefer an unscripted shoot as it is far more authentic and natural. Your Production Coordinator will advise and prepare you for filming. When a shoot date is booked you will be sent a Prep Guide with some helpful hints including outlining the kinds of questions the filmmaker will ask. Feel free to note any important points you want to remember to mention. Think of the interviews as more a conversation with our filmmaker rather than a question and answer session. Our filmmaker will guide the speakers through the conversation and set you at ease. The responses will then be edited into sound-bites for the video.

If a Client requests a voiceover rather than interviews we do then require a script that will be recorded by a professional voiceover artist. We are happy to write the script on the Client’s behalf. Please see Voiceover section for more information.

What kinds of questions will the filmmaker ask?

When we book the shoot we send a Prep Guide to our Client. This is a one page document specific to your business that contains helpful hints to prepare you for the shoot.  It also outlines the kinds of questions the filmmaker will ask so you can think of particular aspects of your business you might like to mention. These questions may include:

    • Introduction of business

    • Describe the services

    • What was the passion behind starting this business?

    • Specialties

    • Your experience/background

    • What makes business unique?

    • Describe staff

    • Location

    • Insider Tips

    • Any awards/nominations

    • Closing line

What If I Don’t Want any Narrative?

If you would prefer, we can eliminate any interviews or voiceover and merely film the visual aspects of your business and put that to music. However we strongly urge you to consider otherwise. Narrative, whether from interview sound bites or from a voiceover, give a personal feel to the video that really engages the online viewer and helps them connect with your business. This is a highly beneficial advertising feature that should be considered.

What about a voiceover?

We are able to offer you a professional recorded voiceover instead of live interviews obtained by our filmmaker on the day of the shoot.

For us to record a voiceover, we require a script (word count depends on the length of the video) and let us know if you prefer a male or female voice. We require the approved and finalized script several days prior to the shoot date.

If you do not know how to go about writing a script we are here to help!  Your Production Coordinator will ask for as much business information as you can provide, as well as consult your website, and use this information to draft a script.  We will send it to you for any editing and subsequent approval. We require the script be finalized and approved several days before the shoot date. We do not record it until you have approved it. Please note that if you wish to make changes to an already recorded script, an additional fee may apply.  

Can Geobeats film a second or multiple locations for one Client?

Prices quoted are for a single location shoot. However, we are able to shoot a second or even multiple locations for an additional fee. This is dependent on the extra time for our filmmaker to obtain the additional footage and any interviews, as well as the mileage from the first shoot site.

Why does a second location require an additional fee?

There are additional costs associated with a second location, such as the filmmaker's time to reach the location, more video footage and interviews, as well as the additional time it takes our production department to edit the footage.  All this drives up the cost of production.

What to Expect During the Shoot

What Happens on the Shoot Day

If an Interview Video Package is ordered, then typically the first 30-60 minutes are spent with our filmmaker interviewing the speakers. The balance of the time is committed to filming the visual aspects of the business and its facilities. If a Voiceover Package no interviews are included then the entire time will be spent on the visual aspects.

What Type of Shots will the Filmmaker Take?

We film both the exterior (building, landscaping, signage) and interior of the business (office shots, staff interacting with one another as well as clients), as well interview any staff and clients.

The review process and File Delivery

When Will I See My Video?

After approximately 7 - 10 business days, you will be emailed a link to view your video. Our post-production team has produced what they feel is the best video based on the footage taken. However, this is a subjective process, so should you have any edit requests they can be submitted through the feedback form in the video clip.  Alternatively you may email them to us, or call and talk to your Production Coordinator about them. 

When Will I See A Revised Video?

After approximately 3 - 5 business days you will receive a link to view your revised video incorporating your edit requests if possible. Sometimes edit requests are not possible due to video length limitations or they may disrupt the overall flow of the video. Each edit request is handled on a case by case basis. Your Video Package includes 3 rounds of edit requests (except Base Videos).

Can We use Our own photos or video?

GeoBeats is able to insert still photographs that you own the rights to into your video.  Our production department will use their best discretion on where in the video to use them.

We are unable to use any existing video footage for several reasons.  These include file compatibility issues and continuity issues when using different footage shot by different people on different days.  In the end, the quality of the finished product would suffer.

What about music?  Can We request a specific song?

GeoBeats has an extensive sound library with royalty free music at our disposal. 

During the shoot, the filmmaker obtains information from the Client as to what genre of music they prefer. Our production department will utilize music from our library that suits your request. If you do not like the music choice, please request something else during the review process.

We cannot use copyrighted music you may hear on the radio or purchase on a CD. Federal copyright laws prevent us and you from broadcasting this music for commercial gain. 

Similarly we cannot record any background music during the interview portions of filming and request all background music be turned off during filming for this reason. 

How long does it take for final video to be delivered?

Once the video is approved, it takes GeoBeats’ production department approximately 2-5 business days to complete the video, create a file and email you a link to download your completed video.

Payments and Other Questions

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

You will be invoiced prior to the completion of the video. Payment is due prior to delivery of the Video. The final file of the Video will only be delivered after payment is received. We accept checks as well as credit card payments (for additional fee).

Should you require, we are able to provide distribution advice for your video.

Can I Order a DVD copy of My video?

Of course! An additional fee is charged for DVD orders. Please consult your Production Coordinator.

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