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Katerina Echeverria - November 08, 2007
Exactly what i needed to know before i travelled to Chile, oh well!!! next time.
Kystal and family - January 18, 2008
Hey!!! My family and I visited this this place thinking it would be just 2 hours or so and it turned out to be more than 5 hours to see it all and the kids played there, there is even a small place to eat empanadas or a plate of typical food!! The things sold here are very unique!!
Mathaei Family - February 18, 2008
Thanks for the tip we will go there for sure!!
Viviana and family - February 18, 2008
Hey be warned after visiting this town you will have excees weight in your bags on the way home!! We sure did!!!
Connie Wilkinson - June 18, 2008
I have been there a couple of times with my husband and children when visiting my family in Chile. You can spend hours admiring all the beautiful arts and crafts. A very nice place to visit.
Sammie Hayward Bankston - April 27, 2009
We visited the Pueblito on a recent visit and can honestly say it must not be missed! It is a one-of-a- kind place. All of the shops represent crafts people producing their goods on the site. The quality is top-notch. We spent an afternoon there and loved it.
Sammie Hayward Bankston - April 27, 2009
The Pueblito was featured on Samantha Brown's travel program before we visited Santiago. It is a charming place not to be missed! We loved it and the food was outstanding.
Fabiola - May 22, 2009
You really have to go there if you visit Santiago. I lived close to El Pueblito for 2 years and went there almost every sunday. So beautyfull and relaxing. Love the artisan stuff,
Helia Goodman - August 04, 2009
Chilean National days are coming up and The Pueblito gets extra good this time of the year!!
Anonymous - September 06, 2011
thanks for the tip,we will def go!!

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