July 24, 2007

Finally, an Online Video Player Designed Exclusively for the Travel Industry – GeoBeats Catering to Online Travel Portals with First-of-Its-Kind Technology

GeoBeats is pleased to announce the launch of the GeoBeats Travel Player. The first technology of its kind, this online video player allows Web visitors to watch destination videos at their favorite travel sites. It also enables them to simultaneously access maps and obtain travel information about points of interest.

Rockville, MD, July 24, 2007 – Thanks to the newly launched GeoBeats Travel Player, travel-related Web sites now have a new way to harness visitors. This novel video-player technology was designed exclusively to make watching travel videos not only enjoyable, but also intuitive. The debut of this GeoBeats Travel Player marks the first time maps, contact information and additional travel information about specific destinations have been built into a video player. Chad Smith of Rent Me a Vacation says of this unique capability: "The maps integration (within Travel Player) is such a great feature." And because they can switch destinations at any time during their viewing session, users of the GeoBeats video player also have access to the site's entire travel network. Travel-focused Web site owners can learn more about the GeoBeats technology online at

According to a recent Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) survey, 78 percent of Internet-using respondents turned to the worldwide Web for travel or destination information in 2005. That figure translates to 79 million Americans. What's more, nearly half of all online travel planners also use destination Web sites to plan their trips.

These statistics spell good news for online travel portals, but how do such companies leverage the increased traffic they're receiving. Setting themselves apart from the competition is one effective way, and the GeoBeats Travel Player allows them to do just that. This video player technology affords travel sites an easy and powerful means of incorporating compelling and professional travel videos into their pages.

With over 500 video travel guides in 30 countries already produced – and thousands more planned – travel sites can customize the GeoBeats Travel Player for their destinations of focus. They can also customize this flexible platform with their company logo for a unified branding appeal.

"Video is the best way to inspire and educate travelers. Every travel-booking, -blog and -services site should be thinking about incorporating high-quality videos" explains GeoBeats' co-founder and CEO Ashish Khurana.

For more information on the launch of the GeoBeats Travel Player, contact Urvashi Malhotra at (301) 237-1622. To see the high-quality GeoBeats video travel planner in action, visit the company online at

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